About Burton Paul



Over the past 20 years, the development of the internet and the spread of access to it has resulted in vast amounts of health information easily available at the click of a button. Sure, it can be dangerous to use the web to access health information, but so can driving a car. With millions of people all over the world searching the internet, from once a week to several times a day, for health concerns, this isn’t a resource that’s going away fast. The medical web lacks a Highway Code and it’s Burton Paul’s mission to create one, and he has in his debut book.

Healthcare engagement specialist and writer, Burton Paul, wrote Is it Serious? after over 10 years working in the leading edge of the world’s healthcare system. Working with major healthcare organisations, he realised the number one priority – the patient – wasn’t being considered enough. This book aims to serve as a bible that safely bridges the gap between the concerned internet browser and the health professional.

Burton studied and worked in the US, and moved to the UK over a decade ago. After landing on British soil, Burton pursued a career in private-sector pharmaceuticals and healthcare. It was from this he discovered the desperation of both patients and health professionals to find health solutions that didn’t ignore today’s biggest health resource – the internet. He then pursued a PhD at Imperial College Faculty of Medicine within this area. Following a few years research, he had to put it on hold due to his many professional commitments and obligations. Burton is active in supporting various patient focused research projects and resides between Wales and London. 

Is it Serious? is Burton’s first book.