About Burton Paul



Burton Paul has spent over a decade working in the leading edge of the world's healthcare system, advising many of the top 20 healthcare & pharmaceutical organisations, and has been featured globally on TV, Radio and Online through regional and national media.

He wrote his book "Is it Serious?", when he realised following years of research, that the everyday person struggled in their search for credible and reliable health information on the internet. He set out to write this book as an easy-to-follow guide to help people understand what is credible and what isn't, where some of the best and most reliable sources of health information are, how not to panic, where the different platforms of social media fit in, and how to present your search results to your doctor. 

He has followed this book up with a 2nd edition and an additional focus on credible global websites best for information in a Pandemic, and reliable and up-to-date Mental Health support online.

With over 4.57 billion active internet users worldwide, on average 70% of those users search for health information online from once a day to several times a week. It is essential that there be a guide to help people navigate through the complexities and hurdles of online health information, and use it for the betterment of their health, and those of their loved ones. This is the must-have guide.