General Health – A comprehensive website containing detailed information on just about every type of illness, with the option to subscribe to a newsletter and join a forum with over 650k members

Mental Health – The UK’s Mind for Better Mental Health has a community feel website providing support and information on many types of mental illness and information on medication and treatment.

General Health – A comprehensive website containing detailed information on just about every type of illness in existence, along with material about British health services.

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General Health/Community – Other than providing health information, it connects over 750,000 members globally to over 2,900 conditions. Users, not medical professionals, can share their illness journey, expounding on their symptoms and treatments.

Parenting – With more than 12 million unique visitors per month, this is a powerful website and focuses specifically on mothers. Over its 17-year lifespan, it has become a significant Opinion Leader for mothers and parents.

Drugs & General Health – Probably one of the most comprehensive websites providing information on almost any medication, it is easy to navigate and explore. A very useful app is also available.
Diabetes – A well-known UK charity website providing information and localised support.

Women’s Health/Pregnancy & Children – An excellent website providing useful information on pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, babies and toddlers.
Asthma – A well-known UK charity that is more heavily focused on research funding. It also provides useful information on living with this lung disease.
Our Vision – That any parent, wherever they are, has information on their child’s medicines that they need and can trust.
Breast Cancer – A US-based support and information website providing detailed material on symptoms, diagnosis, treatments and side effects.
Dementia/Alzheimer’s – One of the leading charities in the UK providing detailed information on these conditions and advice on how to access local support.